Welcome so Sandpoint High Schools Science Department home page. Students at SHS are required to complete and pass six credits of Science class/laboratory work. One credit is given for each semester completed with a passing grade of a D or better.

We are fortunate to offer many hands on and engaging science classes with a great variation to choose from. All freshmen are required to take integrated science. This is offered as both a regular and an honors class. Sophomores are required to take biology. This course is also offered as a regular and pre-AP class.

After students have completed their 4 required credits of physical science and biology, they have many options available for science electives to best meet their personal goals and needs. Our science electives currently include: ecology, horticulture/landscape design, forestry, anatomy and physiology, honors anatomy and physiology, chemistry, honors chemistry, AP biology, AP chemistry, physics, and honors physics.

Students at SHS have many options to make their schedule meet their interests, academic plans, and college preparations. We take great pride in offering engaging hands on lab classes. We believe that science is best taught and learned by experiences and action.