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About Sandpoint High School

High School is a learning institution in which every aspect of the day has a learning component whether it is academic, social/emotional, or physical. Our excellent teaching staff infuse classrooms with relevant learning that is personalized to each learner. Our curriculum at SHS focuses on 21st century skills that will prepare our students for career and college. We emphasize problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and real-world application in every lesson we teach. Our curriculum is framed by the Idaho Common Core Standards. In partnership with our community, we strive to develop well-rounded and passionate students and citizens.

Our classrooms are filled with the sounds of engaged students and teachers who encourage and facilitate learning. Our students learn to debate and discuss issues, to critically analyze texts and to develop real-world skills such as web design. We are commited to sustaining a strong curriculum in math, science, language arts, social studies, humanities, professional technical programs, advanced opportunities, and opportunities for students with special needs. We offer a wide range of courses, including core academic subjects and popular electives such as Criminal Justice and Innovative 3D Design. We firmly believe that a complete education consists of involvement in not only academic activities, but also athletic and other extra-curricular activities.

The daily learning will be guided by Sandpoint High School’s continued commitment to the following annual goals. Under each goal are areas of emphasis for this school year.

Increase Student Achievement:

  • Increase Graduation rate and Post-Secondary Transition planning

  • Commitment to Professional Development

  • Increased attendance equates to increased learning.

  • Commitment to the highest level of instruction to support college and career readiness for all students in all subject areas.

  • Continue our comprehensive counseling program, which includes a sequential plan for college/career readiness.

  • Concentrated effort to support seniors in their post-secondary plan through one on one, small group, and classroom settings with the college and career mentor.

  • Focus on writing across the content areas.

  • Focus on formative and summative assessment practices.

  • Parent communication through a new learning management system Schoology.

  • Focus on personal, pro-social, and digital citizenship.

  • Sustain School Wide Behavior Management

We believe:

  • Students and staff deserve to be in an emotionally and physically safe and secure environment.

  • To honor the strengths of each individual, we will facilitate an environment of mutual respect and trust.

  • High expectations of teaching and learning lead to increased student achievement and annual academic growth.

  • A spirit of team work and collegiality is essential to individual growth and overall continuous improvement.

  • We must model and teach to the concepts of interconnectedness for students to operate in a global society as they plan for post-secondary transition.

  • Each and every person at Sandpoint High School is valued as an integral part of the whole.


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