Program Philosophy

Tennis is a “LIFETIME” sport. We have two goals: 1) instill in our athletes a love for the sport with the hope they will continue playing with passion their entire lives and 2) to develop the skills and competitive style to be the best tennis player they can be.

Sandpoint Tennis has been a powerhouse on the State level for the past 9 years and consistently District Champions. Out of the 16 possible State qualifiers from our District, Sandpoint has consistently qualified 9-13.

Core Values

We have 7 core values we try to instill:

    • Confidence

    • Determination

    • Engaged

    • Professional

    • Resilient

    • Respectful

    • Tough

Player Expectations

  • Enjoy the Ride! We work hard & “PLAY” harder. We expect our athletes to play with PASSION, precision & dedication. The better we get, the more fun we have.

  • We NEVER give up in a match. We NEVER let down in practice. We SUPPORT our teammates. We play with a smile. We play to WIN!

Recent Accomplishments

  • 2021 Boys & Girls District Champs

  • 2019 Girls District Champs

  • 2018 Girls District Champs

  • 2017 Girls District Champs

  • 2016 Boys & Girls District Champs

  • 2015 Girls District Champs

  • 2014 Boys District Champs

  • 2013 Boys & Girls District Champs

  • 2012 Boys & Girls District Champs

Coaching Staff