Student Council

Mission Statement

Sandpoint High School Student Leadership is a team aiming to serve as a unified, passionate body. We are a safe and accepting team that is open-minded to all beliefs and diverse in our opinions. We will not seek in self-pride, but rather aspire to the equality and well-being of the school itself. This will be achieved through the truthful representation of the student body.

We strive to create an environment of mutual respect and strong relationships, rooted in our common ground. As leaders of SHS, we will work to become comfortable and confident with our individual talents, for the purpose of creating a better school.

2020-2021 Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership at Sandpoint High School plays a pivotal role in the planning and execution of various school events throughout the year. Some of these projects include Homecoming Week, Battle for the Paddle (a spirit competition with Lakeland), fund-raising for our annual Toys for Tots Drive, Prom, Mock DUI (in collaboration with our local law enforcement and fire departments), assemblies, Ironman, and biannual blood drives. The group meets as a class (2020-2021 4th) to work on planning as well as develop their leadership skills through study and practice.

Class Advisors

Freshmen: Mrs. Alsager and Mrs. Dillon

Sophomores: Mr. Stafford and Mrs. Cessna

Juniors: Mrs. Miles and Mr. Hawkins

Seniors: Mrs. Bird and Mrs. Bocksch

ASB Officers

President: Baxter Pollard

Vice President:

Secretary/Treasurer :


Appointed Officers

StuCo Secretary:

Director of Public Relations: Ellen Clark


Senior Class Officers

President: Olivia Lynch

Vice President: Future Churchill



Junior Class Officers

President: Mira Nizzoli

Vice President:

Secretary/Treasurer: Jacob Oliver

Representative: Erin Eddy

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Jacob Gove

Vice President: Kenzie Wyman



Freshman Class Officers

President: Taylor Granier

Vice President:

Secretary/Treasurer: Livia Owens

Representative: Eoin Eddy

Mary Imaz