2022 Varsity Baseball

Vision Statement

SHS Baseball strives to have its student athletes recognized for their academic and athletic excellence by earning scholastic honors through high grade point averages and graduation rates, consistently participating in post-season play, and winning state championships. We will develop young men into successful members of society who are held in high regard for their work ethic, behavior, and attitudes.

Mission Statement

The SHS Baseball program will assist, guide, and encourage student athletes as they strive to reach their full potential in all aspects of life.

Player Expectations

The Bulldog Baseball program expects the following:

1) respect - respect your: teammates, coaches, opponents, umpires, teachers, equipment and most of all, respect yourself.

  • Respect your teammates by allowing them to get better. Do not distract them.

  • Respect your coaches by exceeding behavioral expectations. Work hard, play hard, focus, get better every day, and dress appropriately.

  • Respect your opponents. We must work harder, hustle more, and out-work every opponent in every regard.

  • Respect umpires. Do no challenge their authority.

  • Respect your teachers by excelling in the classroom and exceeding their behavioral and academic expectations.

  • Respect your equipment. Equipment is designed to keep you and your teammates safe, while also allowing you to perform at the highest level. treat it with respect regardless of the circumstances.

  • Respect yourself. Make decisions that will help you become the best person you can be. Every decision has a consequence, whether positive or negative, and your future depends on the decisions you make today.

2) Hustle - hustle at all times in every situation, everywhere you go.

    • Hustle down the line.

    • Hustle on and off the field.

    • Hustle in practice.

    • Hustle in conditioning.

    • Hustle in everything you do every time you do it.

3) Attitude - focus on getting better.

    • Your sole purpose of practice, working out, training, and playing should be to get better individually and as a team.

    • You must want it. It must be one of your driving forces on the field.

    • Be unselfish. Every player on the team is equally important. Coaches will make decisions regarding playing time based on what is best for the team.

4) Unity - we are a team. Bulldog Baseball is an extension of your family.

    • Accept the role given to you by the coaching staff and execute it to the best of your ability. The role you are given is one that gives the team the best chance of succeeding. Recognize this and put the team's needs before your personal desires.

    • Help your teammates when they are in need.

    • Motivate your teammates, encourage them, believe in them, challenge them to get better and support them at all times.

5) Accountability - be accountable for your decisions.

    • Again, you are in control of your future. Make decisions that lead to positive outcomes. If you make a decision that does not lead to the outcome your desire, take ownership of that decision.

    • Learn from your mistakes and make better decisions when faced with similar situations in the future.


Our philosophy can be summarized in one word - improvement. We believe our roles as coaches is to encourage student athletes to better themselves in all aspects of life. Further, we believe it is our duty to provide student athletes with well thought out, specific, and purposeful skill development activities so they may experience exponential growth in baseball. We stress the importance of being better today than yesterday. We put an emphasis on purposeful intent. more specifically, we demand each student athlete's best effort at all times and in all situations, for this is the only way measurable improvement can occur.

Further, we believe in using every repetition to get better. We cannot change the past, but we can use the present to impact the future. for this reason, we must focus on the task at hand - this pitch, this swing, this play, et cetera. Out intent is to improve every day: every play, every swing, every throw.

We recognize every player is different. Each player brings a unique set of strengths and weaknesses to the program. They have different body types, different mental perspectives and different experiences. We believe in taking all of these factors into consideration so we can provide the most specific and purposeful instruction possible. When this type of individualized instruction is combined with a player's desire to do what it takes to get better, the result is exponential growth.

Specifically, in regard to baseball, we believe the most successful teams are those who execute. Teams that are able to execute in all scenarios, regardless of the score or situation, are the most successful. Execution, in its simplest terms, means each player completes his job for the benefit of the team. Pitchers must make pitches, position players must make plays, the offense must get runners on, move runners over, and get runners in. At the end of the day, a team that executes is a team that does both the little things and the big things correctly. We are not looking for a certain type of athlete; rather we are looking for players with heart. Players who are willing to give their all in every situation for the good of the team.

Team Accomplishments

  • 2021 - District Champions - Qualified for 4A State Championship

  • 2018 - District Champions - Qualified for 4A State Championship

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