Welcome to the Sandpoint High School Humanities Department! We offer a variety of programs that explore the essence of humanity: art, music, drama, and languages. With the exception of Speech which is a graduation requirement, all of our courses are elective and our beginning classes are open to any students. In order to progress into the higher levels, students must meet the essential standards of the previous courses in that line of study. Our Humanities classes typically focus on performance and production within the scope of each class. At SHS, you can enjoy the following:

  • performing in concerts through vocal and instrumental music classes

  • creatively and artistically expressing yourself through drawing, painting, glass-working, and pottery classes

  • participating in all aspects of staging short and full-length plays through drama classes

  • interacting with others in Spanish, French, or American Sign Language classes

  • competing at high levels and representing Sandpoint High School in the Academic Decathlon

  • communicating effectively in Speech (or Debate)

  • forging strong relationships through our Mentors and Sources of Strength programs

  • fostering school spirit and student belonging in Student Leadership

Lori Bocksch

Department Chair


Jeannie Hunter

Sign Language


Mary Imaz


Steve Miller


Erin Roos


Dana Stockman


Academic Decathlon


  • Academic Decathlon (Honors)

  • Fine Arts

  • Art I

  • Art II

  • Art III

  • Pottery I

  • Pottery II

  • Beg. Glass Work

  • Adv. Glass Work

  • Studio Art (Pre-AP)

  • Studio Art (AP)

  • Performing Arts

  • Concert Band

  • Symphonic Band (Honors)

  • Jazz Band I (Honors)

  • Jazz Band II

  • Music Theory (AP)

  • History of Rock & Roll (Dual Credit option)

  • MIxed Choir

  • Concert Choir

  • Women's Performing Choir (Honors)

  • Men's Performing Choir (Honors)

  • Introduction to Theatrical Arts

  • Acting I / II

  • Stagecraft I / II / III

  • World Languages

  • French I

  • French II

  • French III (Honors)

  • French IV (AP)

  • Spanish I

  • Spanish II

  • Spanish III (Honors / Dual Credit Option)

  • Spanish IV (Honors / Dual Credit Option)

  • Sign Language