3D Design (CAD)

    • Drafting/ Print Reading

    • Architecture

    • Mechanical Engineering

    • Civil Engineer/Surveying & Mapping

    • Interior Design

    • Building Trades

    • Video Game Design


    • 4-years Math

    • 4-years Science

    • 4-years English

    • Speech

    • Foreign language

    • Art

    • Accounting

    • Business courses

    • Other Career and Technical Education courses


    • 3D Design I (semester)

    • 3D Design II (year)

    • 3D Design III (year- with a state exam)

    • 3D Design IV (permission of instructor) (year) (CSWA exam)

    • Video Game Design (semester)


Successful completion of the 3D Design courses at SHS gives students the opportunity to possibly bypass some North Idaho College CAD courses, as the 3D Design classes parallel what is taught at NIC. There may be opportunities for a dual credit course in the advanced coursework. (Course titles at NIC are subject to change).

North Idaho College Courses:

    • CADT 104 SolidWorks I

    • CADT 105 SolidWorks Intermediate

    • CADT 106 SolidWorks II

    • CADT 108 SolidWorks Intermediate

    • CADT 109 Basic Mechanical Design

Sandpoint High School’s Premier 3D Design program, also known as CAD (Computer Aided Design), is a great opportunity to learn CAD software and skills used in many industries. Career exploration is a main component to the curriculum and workplace readiness skills are practiced daily. Students interested in learning about mechanical design, mechanical drafting, print reading, architecture, floor plan print reading, landscaping, 3D printing and more should try this class. Subsequent levels are year long courses and students must have earned a “B” or better to advance. This course is a prerequisite for welding due to the extensive training in accurate measurement, print reading, and professionalism. Video Game Design is offered to students who earn a “B” or better in this course. Students should have completed Algebra to verify they are prepared for the content. Advanced students have the opportunity to earn the SolidWorks CSWA Certification.CAREER AREAS