2021-2022 Varsity Softball

Program Philosophy

    • The goal of the Bulldog Softball program is for all participants to have the opportunity to become better softball players, experience personal growth and learn how to be part of a team. A player must earn this opportunity by working hard and dedicating themselves to the program. We believe in the concept of accountability - to your team, coaches, school, and community.Develop accountable and considerate student-athletes that have self-discipline, are eager to improve and learn, have positive attitudes, achieve success through persistence and determination, and put the welfare of the program and their teammates first.

    • Provide a program with integrity, whose participants exemplify industriousness, respectfulness, loyalty, and enthusiasm.

    • Generate success for the Bulldog Softball Program through commitment, work ethic, skill development, and team work.

    • Build the self-confidence of student-athletes, so they will find success in any situation, maintain positive attitudes and self-belief, enjoy challenges, and always be their best.

Player Expectations

    • Be a team player - Softball is a team sport, and no one player is more important than the team. Being successful as a team will lead to individual success, Have a genuine consideration for your teammates and go the extra mile.

    • Be positive - to yourself, teammates, coaches, umpires, parents, etc. through attitude, body language, passion, and energy.

    • Strive to improve your skills - In the regular season and the off-season. Be coachable and work hard.

    • Always give your best effort - You will not be able to make yourself, your teammates or the program better if you don't!

    • Respect the game - Hustle at all times, dress like a ball player and always be prepared.

    • Take care of yourself, your teammates, the field, and the equipment.

    • Represent the program, school and community at the highest level at all times.

    • Coaches coach and players play - Listen to the coaches and be respectful. Take advantage of every learning opportunity.

    • Commit to the Program - Make softball one of your top priorities. Be at all practices and games on time (being early is being on time) and be prepared.

    • Participate in program activities - All players should give back to the program and do activities together to build team chemistry.

Team Chemistry

Softball is a team sport, and Bulldog Softball players should base their actons on a 'team first' mentality. Being different makes a team better, but it also creates conflict. this makes it very important to focus on what we have in common, such as being successful, loving the game, winning, going to the State Tournament, etc., instead of how we are different. Being respectful to each other despite our difference, creates better team chemistry and increases the likelihood of success. Players should maintain positive attitudes, work hare, have mutual respect for each otehr, be loyal, listen to each other, and sacrifice their personal interests for the well-being of all. If every player strives toward this, team chemistry will come naturally to the program.

Team Accomplishments

    • 2021 District 1-2 4A Regional Tournament – 2nd Place

    • 2019 District 1-2 4A Regional Tournament – 2nd Place

    • 2018 District 1-2 4A Regional Tournament Champions

    • 2018 4A IEL League Champions

    • 2017 IHSAA 4A State Softball Tournament – 3rd Place

    • 2017 District 1-2 4A Regional Tournament Champions

    • 2017 4A IEL League Champions

    • 2016 District 1-2 4A Regional Tournament Champions

    • 2016 4A IEL League Champions

Coaching Staff

  • Assistant Varsity Coach - Lisa Cessna

  • Assistant Varsity Coach - Quentin Ducken

  • JV Coach - Leah Platt

  • Assistant JV Coach - Topsana Elsfelder

  • Assistant JV Coach - Madison Garman