Chromebook FAQ

How does Internet filtering work?

Student Chromebooks will be filtered with our school's content filtering system both at school and when students are at home. The intention of the Chromebook is for learning/academic purposes. Social media is blocked. This means no access to Facebook, etc...

If you use another computer (non-school) and you log into Chrome with your account, you will be filtered the same as if you were on a district computer. Filtering works based on your district assigned account name. If you don't want to be filtered on your personal computer, sign out of your district account in Chrome. You can not sign out of your district account on Chromebooks.

Can I personalize or decorate the Chromebook?

Students should not apply stickers to their chromebook nor the hardshell cover. These machines will be collected at the end of the school year. In the scenario where a student were to not receive their same machine the next year, we can't spend the time to remove stickers/decals/etc... for the new user. You may place thin paper/sticker materials between the cover and the chromebook as long as it doesn't damage the chromebook or shell.

Is the Chromebook mine?

LPOSD remains the owner of student Chromebooks. Students are simply checking the device out for the year for their use... similar to a textbook. The expectation is for students to treat them with care and check them back in at the end of the spring semester (or earlier if they change schools).

What should I do if I have tech issues?

Try restarting the Chromebook by pressing/holding the power button for at least 5 seconds. Chromebooks update automatically every time they are restarted.

If the Chromebook is still behaving unexpectedly, try to trouble-shoot by performing a google search, asking your teacher(s), chatting with friends, etc... If the problem persists, bring the Chromebook to the helpdesk in the library. Fill out a form that explains what the problem is and leave for our helpdesk to troubleshoot. Expect a 48 hr turn-around time.

What should I do if I lose/damage the Chromebook, charge cord, hardshell?

If you lose or damage the Chromebook, charge cord, or hardshell, please report it immediately to the school through the helpdesk in the library. You will need to a) pay for a replacement or b) submit a claim if you bought into the school protection policy.

What if my Chromebook is stolen or lost?

You should come to the library and fill out a "ticket." Expect a minimum of 1 week turn-around time to process the claim.

Google Drive - a file I created isn't showing in "My Drive"...?

If you cannot see the file you are looking for when you click on "My Drive" there are two options that may still find your files. Click on the "Recent" option. If you still don't see the file(s) you are looking for, use the search box at the top of the page. You can search by the title... or even search using text that you know would appear within the document.