Technology at SHS

There are four key areas regarding technology at Sandpoint High School: Chromebooks, Schoology, Google Apps, and Tyler 360. Notice there is further information on these four technology areas below including how-to's and videos for parents. Students, if you scroll to the bottom, there is a list of student-how-to videos surrounding technology use at SHS.

Chromebook Personal Learning Device (PLD) Initiative

Chromebook PLD initiative supplies a district owned Chromebook to each student at SHS for their use at school as well as outside of school hours.

Schoology Learning Management System LMS

Schoology LMS is essentially an online classroom space. Students use their district issued google account ( as their username along with their district issued password. Parents can sign up for a parent account via and enter a special "student code" to link to their student's data. Students/parents can access:

Parents can create a log-in by going to, click on "sign-up" and choose "parent."  You will need the access code from the school so that your student's info is linked and view-able on your account. Parents can access course materials, due dates/calendar, grades, and more.

Google Apps

All SHS students are provided with a district managed Google account with a format of "" This account includes:

This Google account is also a student's Chromebook logon. Google Apps seamlessly integrate with Chromebooks as both are Google products

Google Apps for Education Logo

 PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS is our school district information system.  It houses all official student records including:

Click the PowerSchool icon or navigate to to login to the parent/student portal.

PowerSchool Logo