Business Technology


Business Technology

Our Business Technology Program is a comprehensive program that includes offerings in specific computer applications, accounting, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. The Business Technology Program emphasizes computer-based instruction and supports and applies the academic areas of economics, language arts and mathematics. The nature of the workplace is in a constant state of change and evolution, and the courses taught in the Business Technology Program are designed to bring the world of school and work closer together by imparting broad conceptual and social skills, as well as practical and specific skills.

Student Organization

Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Career Areas



Information Systems

Web Design

Database Management


Office Assistant


Desktop Publishing

Suggested SHS Courses

4-years Math

4-years Science

4-years English


Foreign language


Other Career and Technical Education courses

Course Offerings

Computer Apps I-IV

Accounting I & II

Business and Marketing 101

Personal Finance

Web Design I


College Credit

Successful completion of the Business Technology program gives students the opportunity to earn college credit.

North Idaho College:

    • CAOT 120 (Word Processing I)

    • CAOT 130 (Spreadsheets I)

    • CAOT 140 (Database I)

    • CAOT 150 (PowerPoint I)

    • CAOT 160 (Desktop Publishing)

    • CAOT 121 (Word Processing II)

    • CAOT 131 (Spreadsheets II)

    • CAOT 161 (Desktop Publishing II)

    • CAOT 122 (Word Processing III)

    • CAOT 132 (Spreadsheets III)

    • ACCT 100 (Small Business Accounting)

*Contact Program Instructors for further details