SHS AP Policy

Advanced Placement / Dual Credit / Pre-AP / Honors Courses

Students planning to take advanced courses as stated above:

    • Should be recommended for placement by course instructor.

    • Must understand that 50 minutes or more of study is required per course, per evening.

    • Agree to seek help immediately from the teacher to avoid getting behind, if/when needed.

    • Must accept that the earliest date to drop an AP, Honors, or Pre-AP course is at the end of first semester – drops are usually not allowed before this date unless extenuating circumstances exist and the principal approves. Students must meet with their counselor, teacher and principal prior to dropping the class. Dual credit drop deadlines vary according to the institution – posted on the college or university website.

    • Should discuss with their parent/guardian and carefully consider the number of advanced courses, course requirements, and time needed to study for successful course completion. (SHS recommends students taking more than three (3) AP or Honors courses per year consider extra-curricular activities, time constraints outside of school, total course load, and other academic responsibilities before committing to a final class schedule).

    • Understand there may be assigned summer work in preparation for the following year. Failure to complete summer assignments may be reflected in the course grade. Students will be expected to make up the work in the fall. Summer work will be posted on the SHS website under the instructor’s name:

    • Are encouraged but not required to take the Advanced Placement exam in the spring. For more AP information visit