Principal Update - Spring is Almost Here!

Post date: Mar 09, 2021 8:40:12 PM

It is almost Spring!

As the weather warms up many students typically start pulling out some of their lighter clothing to wear at school. Due to this, I want to send out a friendly reminder related to our dress code policy at SHS.

    • No clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol, or has explicit language

    • Students should show proper attention to personal hygiene.

    • All clothing must fully cover the belly and buttocks for males and females, and undergarments should not show during normal activity.

    • Shorts and skirts need to be worn at an appropriate non-offensive length. Shirts and tops may not reveal excess amounts of chest, shoulders and back for both males and females.

Thank you for all your effort in keeping SHS a school where the primary focus is student learning.

David Miles II - Sandpoint High Principal