Technology at SHS centers around three main components:

Chromebook (PLD) Personal Learning Device Initiative

Chromebook PLD Video Overview

 Schoology LMS

 Google Apps

Launching in the fall of 2015, the Chromebook PLD initiative plans to supply a district owned Chromebook to each student at SHS for their use at school as well as outside of school hours.

Schoology LMS is essentially an online classroom space.  Students use their district issued google account ( as their username along with their district issued password.  Parents can sign up for a parent account via and enter a special "student code" to link to their student's data. Students/parents can access:
  • Classroom materials
  • View grades
  • See/use calendar
  • Submit electronic work
  • Communicate with teachers

All SHS students are provided with a district managed Google account with a format of ""  This account includes:
  • Google Drive (cloud storage)
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Presentations, etc...
  • School Email (gmail)
  • Calendar
This Google account is also a student's Chromebook logon.  Google Apps seamlessly integrate with Chromebooks as both are Google products.
 Links to Key Documents:

Chromebook FAQ

Chromebook Overview & Guidelines
Technology Use Agreement
Optional PLD Insurance
 HELP Links:


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