Girls Soccer



Connor Baranski
Head Coach

Alan Brinkmeier
Assistant Coach

Kendall Lang
Assistant Coach

Lauren Kershner
Assistant Coach



Team Accomplishments

2019 - 4A State Champs
2018 - State Champ Runner Up
2017 - State Champ Runner Up
2016 - State Champ Runner Up
2016 - Player of the Year Riley Walkington
2015 - Player of the Year Madi Schoening
2014 - 4A State Champs
2014 - Academic State Champs
2014 - Player of the Year Corinne Ariss
2013 - 4A State Champs
2013 - Player of the Year Emma Weme
2013 - Coach of the Year Conor Baranski
2011 - 4A State Champ Runner-up
2010 - 4A State Champ Runner-up
2009 - 4A State Champs
2008 - 5A State 4th Place

Team Rules

  1. Every player must help to create a supportive, selfless, fun, and environment for the entire team.
  2. Fitness will be maintained at the highest level throughout the season; give 100% during practices and games at all time.
  3. No inappropriate behavior or conversations will be tolerated during the season on or off the field. There will be consequences for one’s actions.
  4. No cell phone use during team functions; during practices, games, meetings, etc.
  5. All team members will be held accountable for their actions. 
  6. No drugs or alcohol will be tolerated.