Laurie Buck
Head Coach


                  Sandpoint Dance 2020-2021

Program Philosophy

Being a member of the Sandpoint High School dance team carries with it considerable responsibility. Members will be reflecting the image of Sandpoint High School. They will be admired by both students and faculty as the best example of high school young ladies. Dance team can be a rewarding and gratifying experience, at the same time it encourages self-discipline, a sense of responsibility and other important character and integrity attributes to mold a mature young lady. To be successful as a team, it is important that the Sandpoint High School Athletic Code be adhered to and all its rules and regulations. 

Player Expectations

Team members are expected to exemplify the highest standards in all they do. Attendance and performance requirements are set yearly. Dance team members practices are normally before school on weekdays and additional practices are added as necessary. Team members must condition all year as this is a sport that requires technical skills that are only developed through continual practice. Dance team members will have specific dance skills, including, balance, flexibility, endurance and musicality.

Team Accomplishments

2014-2015 Districts

Dance - 1st Place
Prop - 1st Place
Hip Hop -1st Place
Kick - 1st Place
4A Grand Champions

2014-2015 Pacific Northwest

Prop – 2nd
Kick – 2nd
Small Dance – 2nd
Dance – 2nd
Hip Hop – 2rd
2nd Place Overall

2014-2015 State

Prop –2nd
Hip Hop - 4th
Dance – 3rd
Kick— 4th
3rd Place Overall