Innovative Design (CAD)

Sandpoint High School’s 3D Design program, formerly known as CAD (Computer Aided Design), is a great opportunity to learn industry CAD software and skills. The upper courses are aligned with North Idaho College’s Mechanical CAD program. Sandpoint High School's program provides an opportunity to learn design, ANSI standards, measurement, software (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Chief Architect, and Sketchup). Each course builds on the previous. Highlighting various careers that use the software is always paramount in all the coursework.

Student Organization


Career Areas

Architect Civil Engineer
Surveying & Mapping
Automation Engineer
Drafting Blue Print Reading
Interior Designer
Building Trades

Suggested SHS Courses

4-years math
4-years science
4-years English
Foreign language
Business courses
Other Professional-Technical courses

Course Offerings

3D Design
3D Design II
3D Design III
3D Design IV

College Credit

Successful completion of the Computer Aided Design program gives students the opportunity to earn up to 5 Tech Prep credits at North Idaho College.

North Idaho College Courses:
  • CADT 104A (CAD Graphics 1 - Architectural)
  • CADT 104M (CAD Graphics I - Mechanical Applications)
  • CADT105 (Descriptive Geometry)
  • 106M (CAD Graphics 1 - Mechanical Applications)
  • CADT 250 (SolidWorks I)

*Contact Program Instructor for further details.