Standardized Testing

Standardized Tests / College Placement Exams

Standardized tests (SAT, ACT, etc.) are required for admission into many post-secondary colleges, schools, and programs. They were created to level the academic playing field, producing a fair baseline with which to compare all students. In Idaho, the State requires students to take a standardized test in order to graduate high school. At Sandpoint High School, we are proud to offer not only the required standardized tests, but also preparatory tests in a student’s early high school career. We are also happy to offer most of these tests at no cost to the student. While a standardized test does not define a student, many colleges and scholarships will carefully consider a student’s test score when making decisions. How heavily weighted the test scores are in the decision process varies from school to school. So study for them and do your best, but know that colleges and scholarships will also be looking at things like GPA, course rigor, class rank, recommendations, work experience, community service, talents and extracurricular activities.

TestTesting Dates
ASVAB  October 4, 2019 
PSAT/NMSQT  October 16, 2019 
ASVAB March 27, 2020 
SAT (Juniors) April 14, 2020 
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Note: SHS offers the following tests by grade level on a certain day at no cost to the students. Students are welcome to take/re-take the tests at other times but they are responsible to register and pay themselves. You can find dates, register and pay on the links under “resources”.


Test Fee Wavers

If you are eligible for free or reduced lunches, you may also be eligible for a test fee waiver. Check with your counselor!

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