Senior Year - On Your Way to Graduation

Senior year is full of tasks, deadlines, fun things, hard things, homework, applications, planning, etc. This page is here to help keep some of those deadlines straight. Use this page to stay on track with helpful information for the beginning of your senior year till that long awaited graduation.

Senior Portraits

Senior portraits for the Monticola (Sandpoint High School’s yearbook) are due by the last Friday of September to the Monticola staff room. Students will receive their info (name and activities) forms shortly after school resumes in September during one of their senior classes. Photos are to be vertical images that clearly show the individual’s face. Attire in photos must be school appropriate as designated in the SHS student handbook. Hard copy submissions should be limited to the wallet - size (around 2 ½” X 3 ½”) with photo stock paper (either glossy or matte finish, black & white or color). Any electronic image submissions need to be of high resolution (around 300 dpi). Small sized digital files will print poorly in the book.

Cap, Gown, Announcements

SHS has partnered with Jostens to provide unique Sandpoint gowns for graduating seniors. While the caps are yours to keep, the gowns are rented and then returned after graduation. Seniors have a class meeting in September to go over cap & gown and announcements information. Orders will be due a couple weeks later. Announcements are delivered to the seniors sometime in March during the lunch periods. It is recommended to mail out your announcements in April. Cap and Gowns are delivered in May.


SHS is currently partnered with Jostens. Unique Sandpoint High School caps, gowns, graduation announcements, etc. can be purchased through Jostens. Please visit their website for more information on all the graduation items they offer.

Acknowledge Your Friends

  • Every gift should be acknowledged with a thank you note.
  • Don't limit thank you notes to people who have sent gifts. Now is the time to remember and thank special teachers, coaches, relatives and friends from high school or elementary school.
  • Start right away and finish no later than one month after graduation.
  • Always hand write thank you notes and hand address the envelopes. E-mail is not appropriate.
  • Mention the gift specifically in the note and express appreciation.
  • When you receive money as a present, don’t mention the amount. Do, however, mention how you plan to spend it, as in “I’m putting the money toward a new computer.”
  • Add a personal reference to each one.

Graduation Basics

Click for Graduation Gift Ideas!

The Ceremony

There's no greater recognition of a graduate's achievements than a high school graduation ceremony, or commencement. Students will walk and receive their diploma cover. It is good etiquette to turn off cell-phones during the ceremony and to remain in your seat until the last students walk. Don’t forget to return the graduation gown after the ceremony and pictures in exchange for the actual diploma.

Cap & Gown Facts

  • Walking to "Pomp and Circumstance" requires wearing the traditional graduation cap and gown.
  • Students gowns are rented and must be returned after graduation. Students will basically trade their gowns for their diplomas.
  • The graduation cap is worn flat on the head, parallel to the floor. The front point of the cap should be centered on the forehead.
  • Men should remove their graduation caps during the school song and the National Anthem.
  • Tassels are usually worn on the right side and shifted to the left when graduates receive their diplomas.
  • Men generally wear dark trousers and dress shirts and ties under their graduation gowns.
  • Women generally wear lightweight dresses or blouses and skirts that do not hang below their graduation gowns.
  • Flowers and jewelry should not be worn on the academic gown.

Senior Check-out

All seniors must complete their checkout before they can attend graduation practice, and subsequently, walk at graduation. A Checkout Form will be given to seniors about two weeks before graduation. This form contains places for all teachers to sign off, the librarian to sign off, emptied and cleaned locker verification, and requests for final transcripts to be sent out. This form is due to the bookkeeper the day before graduation practice. Again, seniors will not be allowed to attend graduation practice, and therefore, not allowed to walk at graduation unless their form is signed off by the bookkeeper.

All Nite Grad Party

The Grad Party is put on by the parents of senior council members. It is the night of graduation and is full of fun, games, prizes, and food—a time for seniors to celebrate the end of their high school career. For any questions or to add your name to the volunteer list, please email