Honor Flight Club

Since 2012, SHS Honor Flight club has been raising awareness in the Bonner County area about our WWII veterans. They have done so much for us and the club feels the need to bring more light to that generation of veterans. Over 900 WWII veterans die each day; therefore, their population is slowly dwindling. The youth need to take part in their lives and stories before they are all gone. 

The Honor Flight Club has raised money to help send several WWII veterans back to see their memorial. We, also, have raised over $7,000 by showing the Honor Flight movie, selling Christmas trees, and many other fundraisers. Anything that the group could and can do, we are there doing it. We are currently working on different holidays that we can use for fundraisers.

This club is an overall beneficial experience. It looks good on a college resume, keeps you busy, and you make life long connections. 

We get the privilege of listening to cool stories from the veterans and you meet incredible people. We have met George Hirschkamp and Caroll Karr, who live at Lutherpark. Madie also got to meet Don Zahn who jumped with the 101st First Airborne on D-Day. He actually went inside Hitler's house and explored. Another veteran is Grove Schoolcraft from Sandpoint, Idaho. He was on a ship that was hit by a Kamikaze plane at the Invasion of Okinawa. Their ship mascot was also a tag-a-long monkey they had. Groove is a resident of Sandpoint. How cool is that?

Anyone who is part of this club can describe how amazing it is to be part of something so small yet so big.